Meet the Mentor– An interactive session with eminent Anaesthetists

Students across all ages and ability levels frequently identify themselves as having attention problems when listening to lectures and lectures have been described as having among the lowest information retention rates of any teaching method. Hence, Demonstrations and simulations have an important role to play in tertiary level teaching and there is evidence that increasing the level of student involvement in such lecture activities, can increase student interest, enjoyment and learning of underlying scientific concepts. With that in mind, the Department of Allied Health Sciences organized an interactive session on 7th January 2019 with eminent anaesathetist Dr. Tavri and Dr. Kirti for the students of Anaesthesia Technology. This session is organized each year.

meet the mentor (2)The main objective of this session was to tell students about the curriculum, career options as an Anesthesia Technician and importance of this program. This session ended with a question answer round that helped students get clarity. All the students were satisfied with this session and were grateful for being mentored by such excellent faculty members at this University. Students were satisfied with the meeting and question-answer session and were thankful to the Department of Anesthesia and Department of Allied Health Sciences for the program.

meet the mentor (1)