Mumbai Hematology Group

The School of Medicine and Dept. of Pathology got the privilege to organize & conduct the ‘Quarterly meeting of Mumbai Hematology Group’ on 20th September 2015. The venue selected for this meeting was the Virtual Classroom where we not only had people coming from all over Mumbai but also a team of doctors from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi connected to us through a live video streaming of the event.
Dr.Rajiv Rao, MD, Asso. Professor, Department of Pathology who was the coordinator and organizer on behalf of the School of Medicine and the very well known Hematologist & President of the Mumbai Hematology Group , Dr.M.B.Agarwal, MD, MNAMS, made this event a success with their immense efforts and hardwork. A special Thanks to our President, Dr. Vijay Patil, our Medical Director Dr. Priya Patil and the Respected Dean, Dr. Shirish Patil for letting us organize this meeting. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.
The meeting started with an introductory speech by Dr. M.B. Agarwal where he gave a brief outline on the series of events lined up and introduction of the faculty members of different institutes that were a part of this meeting. This was then followed by a welcome address by Dr.Shirish Patil.
Soon after this, we started with the Case Presentations mainly emphasizing on Pediatric Oncohematology. This segment was being judged by Dr. B.K. Smruti, Medical Oncologist, Bombay Hospital &Lilavati Hospital, Dr. Nikhil Patkar, Clinician Scientist & Assistant Professor, Tata Memorial Hospital and Dr. Adwaita Gore, Medical Oncologist, Prince Aly Khan Hospital.
There were in all 11 presentations being presented by residents, faculty and clinical workers from over 8 different hospitals of Mumbai. They were alloted a total time of 10 mins per case where 7 mins was for the presentation and the rest 3 mins were given for the discussion. Every Case Presentation had a seperate panel of Chairpersons which also included Dr.Prakash Roplekar- Prof.& Head and Dr.Sudhamani- Prof. In Department of Pathology, Dr. Rajesh Rai – Prof. and Head, Dept. of Pediatrics and Dr. Amit Saxena, Asso. Prof. Dept. of Pediatrics of our own School of Medicine.
These were being judged and marked on the basis of the topic selected, quality of presentation, the way each one presented as well as to the extent they were able to answer any questions from either the judges or the audience. The announcements of the winning candidate was made in the last segment. All the cases were very interesting.
This was followed by a 15 mins tea break after which we started with the most awaited segment of the meeting, i.e, Webinar meeting. For this, we had two international guest faculties and experts in their fields, Dr.William Stevenson, Hematologist and Dr.Matthew Greenwood, Director, BMT all the way from Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia.
Dr.William Stevenson spoke on ‘All thrombocytopenias are not ITP!’ whereas Dr.Matthew Greenwood spoke on ‘Managing young adults with ALL is different from both paediatric and adult ALL!’. They not only gave an excellent presentation which included case histories, diagrams, flowcharts and graphs for an easy understanding but also clarified all the doubts of the audience. Their emphasis on such important topics helped us broaden our knowledge about the subject and also know some of the recent modalities to help give an accurate diagnosis to the patient.
This meeting was then carried forward with Dr.M.B.Agarwal announcing the results of the case presentations. Third place was taken by two candidates, Dr.Imran Khan, Holy Family Hospital, Bandra and Dr.Khushnuma Mullanfiroze, B.J.Wadia Hospital for children, Parel. Dr. Anant Gokarn, Dept of Adult Hemato-Oncology, TMH, Parel stood at the 2nd place whereas the 1st position was shared by 3 candidates namely, Dr.Snehavardhan Pandey, Dept of Padiatric Hemato-Oncology, LTM Medical College, Sion, Dr. Dia Mansukhani, Dept of Laboratory Medicine, P.D.Hinduja National Hospital & MRC, Mahim and Dr.Ashwin Pandey, Dept of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology, Kikubai Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Andheri.
The meeting was followed by a sumptuous lunch at our very own Legend’s café. All the delegates were very happy and impressed with the facilities available on the campus as well as the arrangements made for the meeting.
All in all, an interesting and educational way to spend a Sunday morning! Kudos to the entire team of the Dept. of Pathology for a job well done!

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