MUMBAICON 2017 (3rd to 5th March 2017)

1.  Dr A G Pusalkar – Professor Emeritrus was awarded the “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD “at MUMBAICON 2017       on 4th March 2017.
2. Dr Yogesh Dabholkar was the organizing Treasurer for MUMBAICON 2017.
3. Dr Haritosh Velankar and Dr Yogesh Dabholkar were panellists for Otology panel at MUMBAICON 2017.
4. Dr Haritosh Velankar, Dr Yogesh Dabholkar and Dr Akanksha Saberwal were chairpersons for various sessions at            MUMBAICON 2017.
5. Dr Bhavika Verma presented a paper on “Use of Otoendoscopes as an adjunct to microscope in Cholesteatoma
Surgeries“ in Resident Paper Award Category.
6. Dr Jehaan Wadia, Dr Saumya Mishra and Dr Roshni K presented E-posters at MUMBAICON 2017.

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