Nova 2015! The ultimate Fresher’s eve

What is Nova?

A cataclysmic astronomical phenomenon in which a white dwarf draws matter from a red giant gives to give to birth a new luminous star called a NOVA.

And incidentally it also happens to be the fun filled Fresher’s day at the DY PATIL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE.

Why Nova?

We medical aspirants step into the portals of the Galaxy of the DY Campus , like white dwarves, to grow in the proximity of Medical giants and shine a SUPER NOVAE in the field of medicine. Thus “Nova 2015- the journey of the Rising stars.”

The idea behind it:

A warm welcome and a special day for every fresher to cherish in his heart for the rest of his or her medical life.

The grand fresher’s eve:

A dynamic display of dance!

The students of the second year gave varied dance performances including different styles of dance which included a typical Bollywood dance followed by a new dance form called Chavat in which there is limited movements and maximum expressions and was executed brilliantly by the students. This was followed by a couple dance which left the audience in awe.

A spicy walk of fashion!

A fashion show was organized with the senior students as the ramp walkers. It was a perfect amalgamation of charisma, charm and chemistry.

An enthralling rendition of music!

A melodic mash up of songs sung by our very own students giving a lilting performance and showcasing their harmonious voices which were soothing to hear. This was also followed by a breathtaking performance by a musical band formed by our very own students, which kept the audience on the edge of their seat.

A Captivating Act:

A nostalgic trip down the memory lane was perfectly portrayed through an act put up by the organizing batch, which included certain aspects conveyed through songs.

Testing the talent of fresher’s:

The selected students from the audition round were first called upon the stage and made to introduce themselves. This was followed by a task round where they were randomly given certain different tasks and this was succeeded by another Q and A round where they were asked crafty questions. The titles were to be judged based on these rounds. The judges were our very own teachers who were kind enough to be the moderators of this event.

The Winners…

This time, the organizing batch decided to keep the winning titles for the fresher batch as under Mr./Ms. Classy, Mr./Ms. Bindaas and of course Mr./Ms. Fresher. The winners were :

Mr. Fresher – Adel Malim

Ms. Fresher – Rhea d’Souza


Mr. Bindaas – Sujay Tiwari

Ms. Bindaas – Shambhavi Singh


Mr. Classy – Priyam

Ms. Classy – Niti Haobum


Experiences of the organizing batch

The students of the organizing batch i.e. the 2nd years can never forget the experiences they shared with each other. It was a roller coaster ride for them consisting of fights, funny moments, shouting, friendships getting broken, new friends being made, getting to work as a team and interaction with each other in a way they could have never ever imagined. It was truly an unforgettable experience for all of them.

The culmination:

The show ended with a lot of laughter, a few nostalgic tears, a new-formed rapport between the seniors and the juniors, a delicious treat, and an unforgettable dance floor. An exhibition of Fresh talent! The blossoming of Brilliant personalities!

A power packed evening! A fun filled Night!

A crazy combo of Energy, Enthusiasm, and Entertainment! The event being a collective effort of everyone led to this year’s NOVA, a grand success.

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