Prescription Audit

To promote rational drug use in developing countries, it is important to assess drug use pattern using the World Health Organization (WHO) drug use indicators.

The rational use of medicine improves patient’s quality of life.

Excessive and inappropriate prescriptions result in severe consequences.

The study of drug use patterns and prescription errors is necessary to promote rational drug use in developing countries.

Pharmacology department is conducting & guiding for this research.

The various WHO indicators are use to check the rational use of drug.

The average number of drugs prescribed per encounter.

Percentage of drugs prescribed by generic name.

Percentage of encounters in which an antibiotic was prescribed.

Percentage of encounters with an injection prescribed.

Percentage of drugs prescribed from an essential drug list (EDL)


Prescription audit research conducted by post-graduates:

Sr.Name of PGName of GuideTitle of the study
1Dr. Soniya SawarkarDr. Usha NayakStudy of drug therapy of Drug resistant Tuberculosis  pattern of use of anti TB drug
2Dr. Pradnya DeolekarDr. Usha NayakAntimicrobial utilisation for surgical nosocomial wound infection
3Dr. Prashant KatkeDr. Usha NayakStudy of prescribing pattern in paediatric OPD of a tertiary care hospital
4Dr. Uppal VyasDr. Sangeeta SukumaranDrug utilisation of erythropoietin in CKD patients
5Dr. VeenaraniDr. Usha NayakDrug utilisation pattern in dermatology department
6Dr. Aniket SamantDr. Merlyn GomesDrug utilisation pattern in ophthalmology department
7Dr. Sujay PatilDr. Preety LDrug utilisation of GI drug in ICU
8Dr. Vaishali ThakareDr. Pramila YadavDrug utilisation of psychotropic drugs in tertiary care teaching hospital
9Dr. Sharon SheregarDr. Merlyn GomesDrug utilisation of antimicrobials in OBGY department
10Dr. Nachiket BhaveshekhDr. Sangeeta SukumaranDrug utilisation pattern in geriatric patients
11Dr. Ankush TiwariDr. PramilaYadavDrug utilisation pattern of antihypertensive drugs
12Dr. Ashish BajajDr. Merlyn GomesDrug utilisation pattern in Diabetic patients in a tertiary care hospital
13Dr. Sujay PatilDr. Preety LDrug utilisation of GI drug in ICU