Music is one of the purest forms of art and expression which is being nurtured in the band “Prognosis” of D.Y Patil School of medicine. A melodiously bound band formed by a few budding doctors indulging in this art, showcasing their talents through various forms of music, in the interest of entertainment as well as portrayal of unity, as when every single instrument comes together each word uplifts itself into a song.


As any form of creation, the foundation of this band was initiated with strong support of Rahul Mondal and Zubin Zia, further culminating into a family that kept on growing with the addition of Swati Jha, Souparno Mandal, Aniruddh Sinha, Sanil Omar and later creating sturdier branches by welcoming Rajlakshmi Patil, Shreya Dhar, Pratyasha Pattnaik , Oorja Sharaf, Rhea Kapoor, Rajas Solankurkar and Sharan Suvarna. They’ve performed in several Intra-University events, leaving their audience in awe. One of the most memorable one being the performance at “Medinspire – International Medical Summit” of 2019, held at the DY Patil University.


Prognosis is more than just a band, it’s a source of encouragement for those who want to find a comfortable space to follow their passion while building a career for themselves. It’s rightly said, “Medicine heals the body but Music heals the soul.” On that note, Prognosis hopes to welcome a pool of passionate individuals to flow into this band, to carry forward the legacy of undying soulful passion to inspire every single one to follow their dreams and spread their ambitious positivity. As where words fail, music speaks.


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