Renowned Surgeons from Egypt Visited D. Y. Patil Hospital, Nerul Navi Mumbai

Two renowned surgeons Dr. Shafique Ali and Dr. Ismile Shafique Colorectal from Egypt visited our D Y Patil Hospital in Nov 2019. They were given a warm welcome and personally greeted by Dr. Rahul Peddawad, the CEO of D Y Patil Hospital along with a tour of the entire hospital premises, which left them in complete awe of the massive infrastructure.Egyptian Surgeons visit to Hospital-2

Dr. Shishir Shetty (Oncosurgeon), Dr. Kailash Jawade (General Surgeon) and Dr. Mahesh Sanghavi (Proctologist) form D Y Patil Hospital, accompanied Dr. Shafique Ali and Dr. Ismile Shafique Colorectal surgeons from Egypt. This entire team took rounds of surgery in Operation Theaters (OTs) and Surgery Wards. They appreciated the Hospital Administration and the efforts of Surgeons, Anesthetist for better patient care. They also appreciated the Nursing, paramedical and supporting staff for their prompt services to patients. These two surgeons had an extensive meeting with our surgeons at D Y Patil Hospital and exchanged various ideas as well discussed about newer surgical interventions. These Egyptian surgeons mentioned that their visit to D Y Patil Hospital is very imperative and will help information of a strong connection in regard of various joint ventures.Egyptian Surgeons Visit to Hospital-1