Workshop on Strength & Conditioning

On the 13th of September, our department of Sports and Exercise Science was honored to host two strength and conditioning coaches – Kiron Kazi and Yuvraj Salvi. Mr. Kiron Kazi started with a short game which perfectly demonstrated how no matter which team of people he is given; he will be able to build a bond with them. He then spoke about his real-life experience of working with coaches and athletes at the Sports Authority of Gujarat.


He also spoke about the importance of periodization, neural demand and performance enhancement in volleyball players. Mr. Yuvraj Salvi took a practical and authentic approach to strength and conditioning in Cricket. He spoke about the institutes we can expect to work at such as sports performance and rehabilitation centers or with sports teams. He introduced new workload monitoring techniques and emphasized on the benefits of self-myofascial release practices, program design and return to play. These strength and conditioning coaches, true to their profession, were confident and had an abundance to teach. We hope to hear from them again!