Symposium – 2019

1. Symposium for students was arranged on 3rdfloor, a lecture hall in medical college by Department of Anatomy, DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Medicine and THIEME. 


2. Symposium started with Lamp lighting by Dean Dr.SurekhaPatil madam along with judges at 10.30 am. 

Dean madam, Dr.Bharthi kulkarni – Academic Dean, Judges and HOD’s of Biochemistry and Physiology were welcomed with flowers.

Dr. Prasad Kulkarni, Assoc. Prof from GMC and JJ group of hospitals also attended the Symposium, who was also welcomed with flowers.

3. Session 1 – Dr.Shabana M. Borate gave talk on topic “Genetic component of sexual development”.

Dr.Rupali Shastrakar introduced Dr Shabana M Borate for the talk. Dr.Shabana  explained development of urogenital system, genes involved in development, sex chromosomes and sex chromosomal disorders. It was a short and very informative talk.

4. Session 2 – Competition:-

Total 5 teams participated.

Students explained their topics by using various models.

Team A explained model of Development of Heart.

Team B explained model of Lung and Bronchopulmonary segments.

Team C explained model of Framework of Larynx and movement of vocalcords.

Team D explained model of Middle Ear.

Team E explained model of Paranasal air sinuses and Lateral wall of nose.


5. Competition was judged by

 Dr. Suresh Gangane-.Prof & HOD Terna Medical College Nerul Navi Mumbai .

 Dr. Anjali Sabnis. Prof & HOD MGM Medical college Navi Mumbai.

 Dr. Shabana M Borate .Associate Prof. GMC& J.J group of Hospitals ,Mumbai.

 Dr.Manisha Nakhate. Prof & HOD DY Patil School of Medicine .

 on the basis of their models and how well they could teach with the help of models.


6. Felicitation of Judges by mementos and certificates.

All judges gave their view on arrangements of Symposium and praised the efforts taken by students and department of anatomy for the seminar.

7. Presentation from THIEME by Mr. Rohit Joshi.

Flower bouquet was given to him by HOD Dr. Manisha Nakhate madam for his contribution for Symposium.Thieme gave a memento to the Anatomy department for the Symposium.


8. Results of the competition :

First prize was given to Team D for their  topic & model of Middle ear. Medals and certificates were given to them by Dr. Suresh Gangane sir.

Second prize was given to Team C for their  topic & model of Framework of Larynx and movement of vocal cords. Medals & Certificates were given to the students by Dr.Shabana M Borate madam. Books signed by authors were awarded from THIEME, certificates by Dr. Anjali Sabnis madam and Dr. Prasad Kulkarni sir.

    Certificates for faculty were given by Dr. Suresh Gangane sir in the Department.

9. Vote of thanks was given by Dr.RutaBapat.

10.Lunch for the Judges, THIEME representative and Faculty was arranged in the department.

Symposium was organised and report is prepared by Dr. Manisha Nakhate, Prof. & HOD Department of Anatomy, Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical College.