The D Y Times Quarterly Newsletter

“ The youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity  ”

                                                                                                                   – Benjamin Disraeli

Screenshot_20200427-201342_2We at D Y Patil School of Medicine believe that Students are the future leaders of a nation.  As students and leaders of tomorrow it is our responsibility to acquire proper education, maintain good character and live a respectable social life. The most important component of one’s life is the value of time and during the course of our journey as students we encounter several challenges, keeping ourselves updated with everything happening around us is one of them.

With all the challenges in mind, the DY Times Quarterly Newsletter was established by the Literary Society. It covers all the initiatives, activities and events that take place in the college. Our Editorial team writes articles on the various events and also highlights the accolades won by the students of our college, thereby giving complete insight into the life of a student at DY Patil School of Medicine. It also includes columns for poetry, short stories as well as recommendations for movies, music and books of various genre. The students and faculty members have access to the quarterly e-Newsletter whereas the printed copies are also available in the Central Library. Since its inception, the Newsletter has become of the most awaited things on campus that is read with great interest by one and all.

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