The Mediescape Community

“Conseque Somnia – Follow Your Dreams “

mediescape logo-01.jpgInfluenced by a similar thought, the Mediescape society aims to promote benevolence and the diversity in talent the students, faculty, and staff of  DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Medicine behold. As medical practitioners and the future of the medical fraternity, the faculty, as well as the students, have a hectic schedule amidst the times of the COVID 19 outbreak. This Pandemic gave us an opportunity to challenge our inner selves and follow our dreams apart from medicine. Mediescape Community is a platform designed to promote such passion and dreams of enthusiastic medical students and staff. With this platform, we’ve made sure all the various talents present among this fraternity are recognized and well appreciated.

This community encourages the entire medical solidarity to bring out their talents. We believe in not only being physically fit but also mentally and emotionally fit by following our dreams and aspirations. The Community is initiated by a group of students who aim to help the people of the medical fraternity with like minds to bond as well as help them showcase a variety of talent, turning this place into a much friendly environment.

Numerous online tournaments will be held to encourage, support, and entertain the sodality. Mediescape is always in favor of all kinds of ideas and suggestions from anyone in the fraternity who wants to make a difference and create a happier environment taking. We hope to have everyone’s support by participating in our online quests and further on in other college activities.

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