Webinar by – Dr. Kiran Godse on Psoriasis [25th June 2020]

Psoriasis is a condition in which skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches.Psoriasis is thought to be an immune system problem. Triggers include infections, stress and cold.The most common symptom is a rash on the skin, but sometimes the rash involves the nails or joints.

Treatment aims to remove scales and stop skin cells from growing so quickly. Topical ointments, light therapy and medication can offer relief.

Psoriasis is common problem in approximately 2-3% of Indian population. Optimum therapy involves use of topical steroids vitamin D analogues and oral therapy.

To know more about how to optimize therapy for Psoriasis in Indian patients kindly join in for this webinar

Topic : “How to optimize therapy for Psoriasis in Indian patients ”

Date : 25th June 2020

Time : 5:00 pm onwards

Speaker : Dr. Kiran Godse  (MD PhD FRCP Professor of dermatology –  DY Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai )

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Webinar - Dr. Kiran godse Psoriais [25th June 2020]