World AIDS Day Celebration


World Aids Day observed annually on December 1st, is dedicated to raising awareness to the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. This year, the theme for the World AIDS Day in the year 2018 is “encourages everyone to know their HIV status.”

World AIDS awarness day

World AIDS Day is used to celebrate by many of the people to give knowledge of the AIDS Disease and to get the information of its preventive measures and proper cure. We took the session with emphasis on HIV transmission, staging, stigma, prevention, treatment and role in reduction of stigma and discrimination. The department of Dermatology, actively participates in spreading awareness and believes that the future generation has the ability to sensitize others and prevent spread of HIV. Patient is given free consultation for the disease and counseled appropriately and accordingly. A street play for the awareness of HIV is enacted by alert-India in our premises.

All these event are conducted under guidance of our Prof. Dr KIRAN GODSE [IADVL PRESIDENT] and Prof. & HOD Dr. SHARMILA PATIL [IADVL SECRETARY]