World Health Day – An Interview Session

  “ He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything

On the occasion of ‘World Health Day’, the Rotaract Club of Lekarz team conducted interviews with a few Heads of Departments (HODs), of D. Y. Patil deemed to be University, School of medicine on the topic – ‘ Changes required in the Indian Healthcare system’.


 The interviewees were with :

- Dr. Manisha Nakhate, Head of Department of Anatomy

- Dr. Vijaya Haldankar, Head of Department of Biochemistry

- Dr. Vivek Nalgirkar, Head of Department of Physiology

- Dr. Rajiv Rao, Head of Department of Pathology

IMG-20190410-105150-996-Original4ac7d143-0f62-4839-925d-aeb470c5285fWhile Manisha ma’am and Vijaya ma’am agreed that early clinical exposure and community awareness are absolutely imperative, Vivek sir and Rajiv sir have alternative views. Vivek sir believes that doctors who empathise are the need of the hour. On the other hand, Rajiv sir is of the opinion that with evolving medical needs, smart use of technological equipment is the future of medicine.

The interviews were conducted by a team of dedicated rotaractors, who have learnt a lot from our accomplished faculty. What an honour it was to be able to interact with these learned individuals about our own field, afterall, they are the ones involved in sculpting the future of it. Through these interview we were able to determine what needs to be ddone to improve the current Healthcare System as well as Spread awareness about the World Health Day.