7 habits of what leaders do…

Nurses are the future leaders in health industry. They always have to play a vital role of leadership on every step of their professional practice.
Taking this into consideration a session on WHAT GREAT LEADERS DO? Was conducted on 26/02/15 in DYPSON. Venue was Pushpanjali Hall D.Y. Patil Hospital. A speaker was Mr. Santosh Karmalkar, MBA, trainer,success solutions  from Mumbai .
  1. A great leader connects daily work with great goals.
It’s easy to get caught focusing on things that are urgent, rather than important. A mere manager spends most energy on the routine work. A truly great leader on the other hand, could hardly care less about TPS reports, or whatever the equivalent is in his or her workplace.
  1. 2. A great leader thinks of people as people.
A real leader thinks of people individually and holistically, and tries hard to understand strengths and weaknesses, goals and interests.
  1. A great leader wants to earn respect.
Great leaders aren’t always the most likable people. In the long run, great leaders recognize that their job is to get people to do things they might not want to do, in order to achieve goals they want to achieve.
  1. A real leader is thrilled when team members achieve great things.
A true leader takes his or her team members’ accomplishments as a point of pride, and recognizes that the mark of a great leader isn’t creating followers–but instead developing other leaders.
  1. A great leader empowers people with honesty and transparency.
A great leader understands that all else being equal, transparency shows respect for your team and helps them do good work.
  1. A great leader understands that if the team falls short, he is responsible.
A true leader, recognizes that no matter why the team falls short, he or she is to blame. Even if he or she believes that a specific team member might have been the cause, the true leaders shoulder the blame and spur the team to do better.
  1. A great leader cares mainly about results.

Mr. Santosh Karmalkar while conducting the session


Principal DYPSON addressing to the gathering