Medical-Surgical Nursing is a broad specialty of nursing and it deals with the nursing care of patients with various medical-surgical conditions. Subjects such as Pharmacology and Pathology are combined with the base of medical and surgical nursing to enrich the scientific knowledge of the students. The faculty of the department imparts in-depth knowledge to the students by various innovative teaching methods. Methods like seminars, symposiums, group discussions; case studies, care analysis, case presentations, and procedure demonstrations are used to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students. Nursing procedures are discussed as stated in NABHaccredited parent hospital SOP’s and as stated in the Standard Operating Procedures of National health Service & in Cochrane studies As a part of the clinical experience in Medical-Surgical Nursing,students are posted in various units as medical Surgical, Intensive Care, Operation Theatres and speciality areas like Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Burns & Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Critical Care Units. The nursing process approach is used to provide nursing care to patients by which the students assess the client problems, formulate the nursing diagnoses and objectives, plan and implement nursing care, and evaluate the effectiveness of care.


Community Health Nursing is the specialty that prepares the students to meet the ever-changing challenges of society. It focuses on the families in the community and population groups with health risks. Urban posting for students is provided at the health post in Shirvane & Shivaji Nagar at Nerul whereas rural posting is provided in the Primary Health Centre and at the villages of Nere. The Department regularly organizes household surveys, epidemiological investigations, health projects, mass campaigns, home visits, health care programs, school health programs, special clinics, etc. in the adopted villages.


Child Health Nursing is a specialty which focuses on nursing care of children, both normal and sick. The objective of the course is to prepare students to identify the normal growth and development of children and deviation from the normal and give comprehensive nursing care to children suffering from various diseases. Special emphasis is given to Embryology, Genetics, behavioral and social problems, Paediatric medicine, Paediatric Surgery, Nutrition, Growth, and Development.


In this department, the students are initially trained to provide care and practice procedures in an environment called as the “Nursing Laboratories”. The laboratories are adequately equipped with simulators, mannequins, models, articles, and equipment to provide hands-on experience for the students in a controlled setting. Nursing procedures are demonstrated in the laboratories by the experienced faculty and the students are allowed to practice and show the return demonstrations. The students learn in the labs by making trials and errors and are promptly guided and corrected by their faculty. The labs leave the students with the confidence to practice nursing care efficiently on their patients. In a way labs ensure ethical principles of nursing practice, by safeguarding patients who get exposed to the raw practice of students.


Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing focuses on the care of women during the childbearing years. The scope of practice includes reproductive child health, care during pregnancy, labor and puerperium including normal deliveries, family welfare, and care of women with gynecological problems. The course in Obstetric and Gynecologic Nursing prepares the students with the knowledge, skill, and attitude to function as Nurse-Midwives. The theory and practical learning experience provided in the subject equip them to provide comprehensive care to the normal and high-risk mothers during antenatal, intranational and postnatal period including the care of newborns.


The Mental Health Nursing Department organizes programs aimed at enabling the students to identify the mental health needs and problems of their clients and to acquire skill in providing comprehensive health care to them, applying preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of mental health care incorporating the principles of mental health nursing.