Medical college auditorium “Pushpanjali” from 1st floor and 6th floor is used for various cultural events and conferences and workshops.
Auditorium has good sound system and these are air conditioned. Auditorium has all facilities for power point presentations.

Presently there are three canteens available in the campus. Food served in the canteens is hygienically prepared. Food/ snacks available are nutritious and economical for all types of candidates.


As per Indian Nursing Council requirement numbers of classrooms are available. Faculties are available for PowerPoint presentations. Innovative Techniques like use of simulation lab and virtual classrooms are used in the Teaching Learning processes. Classrooms are well ventilated and well lighted.

Conference Room:

The conference room is at the ground floor near respected vice chancellors and respected president’s office. This conference room can occupy 20 members for the session. It is well equipped with modern technology. It is .shared by all the departments of the university.
Frequent meetings of nursing department with vice chancellor/president are conducted here.
Conference room has good sound system and these are air conditioned. Conference room has all facilities for power point presentations


The school of nursing library measures 0.09 Sq mt. area.
It is kept open for 8 hours, on examination days it remains open for 10 hours. The total no. of books in library are 1800.
The total numbers of journals available are 80 and online journals in nursing are 120. The application software used is Proquest.
The library has been stocked with latest national and international journals, thesis and dissertations, project work of the students for the references.
The library has 4 computers with internet facilities available for the academic related reference for faculty and students.

Following laboratories are used like Foundation of Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry; Microbiology & Computer laboratories are fully equipped. All required devices and articles are used as per the Indian Nursing Council norms.


1. Foundation of Nursing Laboratory

2. Anatomy laboratory

3. Biochemistry Laboratory

4. Physiology Laboratory

5. Nutrition Laboratory

6. Computer Laboratory