• DEDICATION: We believe in hiring and training talented professional educators who are totally dedicated to developing our students

  • PROFESSIONALISM: We value professionalism which allows initiative and innovative and andragogy at every level and creates an environment of team spirit among faculty and students.

  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: We believe in the value of the student, the inherent worth of the individual and right of each student to attain high standards in education and we work with each student to achieve these standards.

  • TAPPING THE POTENTIAL: We believe in lifelong learning, tapping potentials and advancing students’ knowledge base by exposing them to international standards in education.

  • RESEARCH: Faculty and students are encouraged to undertake research studies to remain at the cutting edge in nursing discipline, technology and innovation. The faculty are presently involved with research in collaboration with TNAI and NANDA-I

  • TEAM CULTURE: Fortis Institute of Nursing operates like a team with a strong sense of belonging in all classes of teaching and non-teaching and students.