Orientation program

Orientation program for I st BOT students and their parents was held on 1st August 2015 on 5thFloor College Auditorium medical college building. Dr. Rajiv Rao Assist. Dean, Dr. V.G.Sawant HOD of Anatomy Dept Dr. Haldankar HOD of Biochemistry & Dr. Savita Savardekar HOD School of Occupational Therapy inaugurated this program by lighting of lamp (Deep prajvalan). This was a symbol of our respects to Devi Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge.

 All the heads of the department addressed the 1st BOT  students and their parents to orient them to the course of Bachelors in Occupational Therapy. Audio-visual presentation about occupational therapy course & it scope was presented. The AV presentation gave an insight about the School of Occupational Therapy infrastructure i.e. well equipped classrooms, labs, library, common rooms etc. They were also introduced to the curriculum for each year through the AV presentation. The students and their parents were also oriented to the college and hospital campus and facilities.

Message from Dr. Deepa Pradhan (Associate Professor, School of Occupational Therapy, D. Y. Patil University) to welcome the 1st BOT students was presented in the AV presentation.

Hello everybody,

I would like to welcome the first year students to this college. I am definitely missing this event as currently I am on an educational tour to U.S.A.  I will meet you after few days.

I am very happy that you chose this profession and I am sure you will work hard to keep the name globally at high level. The respect and fame you get as an OTst is tremendous.

I wish you all the best for your career and will meet you soon.

Welcome to D.Y. Patil University- School of OT !

Messages from the Alumni who are successfully working as Occupational Therapists in India as well as abroad were given to the students to encourage, motivate & congratulate them for their admission into the esteemed institution i.e School of Occupational Therapy , D.Y.Patil University.

Here is a message from our Alumini student Dr. Kasturi Shanbag,

“Warm regards to all my teachers and a sweet hello to all the students….new and the not so new.

          First of all I would like to congratulate the first year students for having chosen OT as ur profession. As you get to know this profession better, as you learn something new each day from our very experienced  yet approachable teachers, you will be proud of the choice you have made. As a Alumini student the one advice I would like to give is, don’t try to compete with each other but learn to share and that way you will learn a lot more!

Lastly, take every opportunity to learn and to discover by yourself, from your teachers and friends, your seniors, books and of course your patients and their families. Welcome once again and may you all have a very bright future!

This program was also attended by second & third year students & it served as a good opportunity for interaction amongst freshers & senior students. The  I st BOT students were also introduced to all the teaching and non teaching staff of School of Occupational Therapy, D. Y. Patil University.

Welcome first year