Author Name Title of Papers Journal Name Publication Date & Year Volume No, Issue No, Page Nos Abstract
Dr Savita Savardekar 1) Treatment of ligament injuries around knee joints using the Lenox – Hill Derotation Brace Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy 1987
2) Orthoplast Humeral Brace for the replacement of Humerus with Fibula Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy 1989
3) Varied Type of Facial Splints Paper Presentation OTICON 2012
4) Orfit Universal Cuff with hook attachment (Adaptive Device) Paper Presentation OTICON 2012
Dr Deepa Pradhan 1) The exercise protocol and mobility aid for patient with Fredricks ataxia.: A case study. Submitted to IJOT Waiting for acceptance reply
2) Re-education of the facial muscles with exercise and facial stimulation in patient with chronic and untreated Bell’s Palsy undergone with muscle transplant in Plastic Surgery: A case study vSubmitted to IJOT Waiting for acceptance reply
Dr Alok Patil Effects of Isometric Elastic Resistance Training on Chronic Neck Pain IJOT April 2011
Dr Aditi Kulkarni Effect of yoga as an adjunct to Occupational Therapy for relief of pain in wrist and hand in computer operators (2000-01) Unpublished
Dr Aishwarya Swaminathan Client Centered Care-Looking through the lens of quantitative and qualitative measures-case studies. IJOT  Jan – Apr 2014
DeepaPradhan (MSC OT) Associate Professor in D.Y. Patil college of Occupational Therapy Challenges faced by occupational therapist in CBR settings. Scope of occupational therapy in community based rehabilitation. International Journal of Technical Research and Applications e-ISSN: 2320-8163 (January-February, 2016) Volume 4, Issue 1, PP. 81-83 Since Occupational Therapist can work with client’s motor as we as psychological problem, we can be the best mediators with clients from communities facing problems due to natural disasters or psychological and physical trauma due to migration like people from Syria.  As the affected community is large in numbers, facilities provided by the government fall short particularly regarding medical field.
Dr.DeepaPradhan( Asso.Prof, MSc OT)* , Co Author- Dr.SavitaSavardekar ( Prof , MSc OT)** The use of theraband in treatment of chronic elbow stiffness to improve range of motion International Journal of Technical Research and Applications e-ISSN: 2320-8163 (November-December, 2015)  Volume 3, Issue 6 , PP. 192-194 1.To evaluate the effect of Theraband exercises to improve the range in Chronic elbow stiffness.2. To improve Muscle Power at the same therapy session

3. To avoid occurrence of Myositis ossificance at the elbow which is the common complication in elbow passive stretching exercises.

4. To improve independence in ADL of the client