12th National Wheelchair Games- 2018

The Department of Sports Physiotherapy was honoured to be a part of the 12th National wheelchair games-2018 as on-field physiotherapists and medical volunteers dated 27th, 28th January 2018 at Indian Gymkhana, Sion headed by Dr. Ajit Dabholkar.


These games were an excellent experience both in terms of learning and getting inspired. The games were preceded by an integrated orientation programme headed by Mrs Kapadia who thoroughly explained the various sports events as well as the disability classification of the participants and also explained the role of the physiotherapists and medical volunteers during the course of the games.

The nine events were as follows:

  • Shooting the basket

  • Javelin throw

  • Precision javelin

  • Shot put

  • Wheelchair slalom

  • Shooting the wickets

  • Dart board

  • Carom

  • Team event- Throw ball

Each participant according to their level of disability was assigned groups “A”,”B”,”C”


The event commenced with an inaugural ceremony followed by simultaneous progression of the events. Each game was assigned with 5 therapists who were not just providing physiotherapy aid but also were engaged in conducting the event which included lucid explanation of the rules and regulations to the participants, timing the event, keeping scores and moderating.

The event ended in a grand fashion with a cultural programme.


All in all it was a fruitful experience as the therapists were not just looking after the games as health professionals but also were involved in its complete conduction which made this venture unique and full of learning.