Gender sensitization “Queer Equality-Sure Equality”

The Gender Sensitization Committee of the School of Physiotherapy initiated an interactive session of Mr. Harish Iyer on the 26th September 2019 from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm in the auditorium on the 6th Floor Medical college building on behalf of ‘Iryna’ the Gender Sensitization Committee of DY Patil deemed to be University, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The program organization was expertly carried out by members of our GSC, Dr. Shivani Chowdhury & Dr. Rishabh Sharan. Dr. Debjani Madam (Chairperson of the University Gender Sensitization Committee), Dr. Badhwar madam, Dr. Sumedha, Dr. Pragati, and other faculty members from the School of Biotechnology and School of Medicine attended the session.  The Chief speaker for the program was Mr. Harish Iyer, a renowned Copyrighter, Motivational Speaker, and an Equal Rights activist working in the interests of the queer community, women, survivors of child abuse, and a TEDx speaker. He was the main person instrumental in fighting for the passing of article 377 in India. He spoke on the topic—“Queer Equality—Sure Equality”

The second speaker was Ria followed by mother Renu. Ria and her mother were to share their experiences as a part of the queer committee. Dr. Shivani Chowdhury, Chairperson of Gender Sensitization Committee of School of Physiotherapy commenced the event by welcoming the chairperson of the University Gender Sensitization Committee Dr. Debjani with a sapling. Further, Dr. Debjaniwelcomed the speakers with sapling each. The program was inaugurated by the Speakers, the chairperson of the committee, and senior teaching faculty of the School of Physiotherapy with the lighting of the lamp. The emcee Shivani Mistry, a 4th-year BPT student hosted the entire program with great poise. Harish discussed topics like sex, sexuality and Gender, different kinds of genders and sexualities, – a brief history of different genders and sexualities, abuse of power and the hierarchical structure, and the intersections within sex sexuality and Gender. Harish spoke indigenously and fluently mesmerizing the entire crowd in the auditorium. He gave examples of his life stories and put the facts across the audience. Following his talk, Ria spoke about herself and ‘Gender Fluidity.’ Her mother Renu is a part of a support group Sweekar that counsels parents for accepting and understanding children belonging to the queer community. When Harish called upon members from the audience to address the crowd, Dhruv, a student from The School of Pharmacy, DY Patil Deemed to be University, Nerul came forward and spoke about his stand on homosexuality.

In the end, Dr. Unnati Pandit presented a small gift to Mr. Harish as a token of our appreciation. The vote of thanks was given by Miss ShivaniMistry expressing sincere gratitude to Dr. Vijay Patil Sir (Honorable Chancellor), Mrs. Shivani Patil Ma’am (Trustee), Dr.Shirish Patil sir (Vice-Chancellor), Dr.Surekha Patil ma’am (Dean), Dr. Debjani Madam (Chairperson of the University Gender Sensitization Committee), Dr. UnnatiPandit Ma’am (Dean SOP) and last but not the least the audience. The program which was attended by over 200 students and 31 staff members from various colleges and departments of the University definitely cleared a lot of myths and sensitized today’s youth with precise knowledge of gender equality and sexuality.