Gender Sensitization: Role of Law Enforcement

Gender Sensitization Committee

Cordially invites you for a talk on




Smt. Rupali I. Khairmode (Ambure)

DCP Central Railways, Mumbai

Guest of Honour

Ms. Shilpa Tulaskar

Date: Tuesday,29th September 2015

Time: 2pm

Venue: 3rd floor Auditorium,School of Medicine


Dr. Vijay D Patil                             Dr. Sanjay Oak                             Dr. Unnati Pandit (9892318825)

President                                            Vice Chancellor                            Dr. Anu Arora (8452842895)

D Y Patil University                    D Y Patil University                  Dr. Dnyanesh Patil (9920661874)

In order to further the issue of Gender Sensitization amongst the students & faculty, the School of  Physiotherapy, DY Patil University, Nerul organised a talk by DCP,   Central Railways, Mumbai,  Smt. Rupali  Khairmode (Ambure) on 29.09.2015. Renowned TV & Film actress Mrs Shilpa Tulaskar was the Guest  of honour for the occasion.
The program was superbly coordinated by the members of Gender Sensitization Committee.
 DCP, Mrs Ambure captivated the audience with her emphatic presentation giving a comprehensive view of Gender Sensitization & its need in todays concepts. She also made the students aware of her Passenger Safety Drive programme & informed about the measures one must take to ensure safety in public places.
Shilpa Tulaskar in her address emphasised that its time for the generation next to tackle longstanding stereotypes & lay the foundations of an egalitarian society.
Dr Unnati Pandit,  Director, School of Physiotherapy said that this diversity is what’s going to add to the vibrancy & beauty of our social fabric. Dr Dnyanesh Patil Assistant Professor urged the students to accept each other for our differences
 Dr Anu Arora, Associate Professor with the School of Physiotherapy,concluded the event by stating that it is time that we all see Gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.

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