1. Sophisticated research equipments:

The School of Physiotherapy is well equipped with modern assessment and treatment modalities which make possible research of a very sublime quality and also take patient management to the next level of sophistication.
The school has been engaging in variegated researches based on and making use of these equipments and has many research publications to its credit.
  1. Well equipped Library:

A sound theoretical base is the cornerstone of any learning process. The library of the SOP has access to International journals and databases like PRO-QUEST and is equipped with the latest collection of academic compilations that serve as textbooks and reference books for the students across the span of their graduate and post graduate studies. The library is being exhaustively availed off by students and teachers alike and has been bolstering the process of knowledge acquisition with remarkable consistency.
  1. Qualified and experienced teaching staff:

The SOP has a highly qualified teaching staff with the individual teachers experienced in various specialties, constantly persevering to achieve higher levels of competence in all domains of work. The teachers have always engaged in endeavors that upgrade their  own level of knowledge while guiding students in an organized way towards broadening their horizons of learning and deepening their process of evolution.
The staff is involved in clinical and research work and has also been an active participant in various activities that help sensitize the community at large towards various aspects of physical, mental and social fitness.
The staff specially caters to the needs of students ranging from the ones who require opportunities to bring forth their unique academic and extracurricular talents to the ones who need support and sensitive facilitation through the learning process. In view of this there are Remedial and Counseling sessions are being regularly conducted.