Overall Personality Development for Professionals

Department of Kinesio therapeutics and Physical Diagnosis had organized a seminar for undergraduate and postgraduate students on ‘Overall Personality Development for Professionals’ on 29th  January 2019 at DY Patil University, School of Physiotherapy (Nerul).

The resource peAbhishekh Banerjirson Mr. Abhishek Banerji who is a Theatre Actor, Keynote Speaker, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Entrepreneur and Emcee, captured the audience’s attention with various interactive sessions, games, activities like how to develop observational skills, etc. The workshop was held between 2.00 pm to 4.45 pm at the School of Physiotherapy. The session had a huge response with an audience of 187, including UG students as well as faculty. The Session was based on TAG technology i.e. activities and games were included in the form of interaction. The Session highlighted various topics like attentive listening, emotional intelligence, communication skills, empathy v/s sympathy.


Mr. Banerji also engrossed the audience in various psychometric tests which gave an insight to the audience of the type of personality trait that each of them belonged to. Strengths and areas to overcome the weakness of each personality were discussed.

IMG_9928 IMG_9846

The participants were also rewarded for their responses with chocolates thus encouraging the audience to actively participate and interact with the speaker.

The participants gave an overwhelmingly positive response to the sessions and suggested for some advanced soft skill sessions.

The students not only enjoyed but also learned and developed soft skills for their Personality development.