The Department of Sports Physiotherapy have organised a free Workshop on Flexi-Bar Training on 2nd March 2017 in Department of Physiotherapy.

The Faculty and students actively participated in this Hands- on Workshop.

The Instructor VenancioD’souza along with Arnold Mascarenhas explained about the usage of Flexi-Bar,its indications and contraindications.

Flexi- bar is an ideal multifunctional, 3-D training and therapeutic device.This tool helps in long lasting improvements in overall physical condition.They explained the about the different types of flexi-bars and their use in clinical practice.

They demonstrated various routines in using the Flexi-Bar in activation of right muscle along with core.They demonstrated various exercises for spine, upper limb and lower extremity.

Overall, the Workshop was well attended and appreciated by the students and the faculty.

Dr AjitDabholkar,Head of Sports Physiotherapy gave vote of thanks to the Company Owner Mr Rajeev Sharma, SportsZen(Credenzeal Services Pvt.Ltd),Arnold Mascarenhas and VenancioD’souza for this excellent Hands-on workshop.

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