World Physiotherapy Day Celebrations on 8th September 2018

IMG-20180908-WA0060The School of Physiotherapy,D.Y.Patil University,NerulNavi-Mumbai celebrated the “World Physical therapy Day” which falls on 8th September every year, and is an opportunity for physical therapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution their profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent.

To celebrate this, School of Physiotherapy took great initiatives like organising a Rally which comprised of students and teachers alike. The students held placards with slogansrelated to physiotherapy like “Movement for Health,” “Physical activity for life,”  “We put Heal in Health” which help in publicizing and creating awareness of the importance of Physiotherapy.

IMG-20180908-WA0056A Street play was also organised at Nerul Railway station. The Street play revolved around family members suffering from various ailments and how everyone in the family needed to visit a physiotherapist for their respective problems.

The street play highlighted the various specialities of physiotherapy like MusculoskeletalPhysiotherapy, SportsPhysiotherapy, Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy, NeuroPhysiotherapy and Community Physiotherapy.

IMG-20180908-WA0031In 1996, World confederation of physical therapy (WCPT) designated 8th September as World Physical Therapy Day. This is the date WCPT was founded in 1951.

The day marks the unity and solidarity of the global physical therapy community. It is an opportunity to recognise the work that physical therapists do for their patients and community. Using World Physical Therapy Day as a focus, WCPT aims to support member organisations in their efforts to promote the profession and advance their expertise.

Reports from around the world indicate that World Physical Therapy Day activities have a positive impact on the profession’s profile and standing with both the public and policy makers.

Glimpses of the Event

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