B. Arch

Overview Of The Program

The Dr. DY  Patil School of Architecture is an institution dedicated to DY Patil Group’s mission of imparting modern updated education. Established in 1992, the college is recognized by AICTE and affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The main emphasis is given to integrating art, science, and technology for the development of a student’s attitude towards architecture. Academic excellence is ensured by experienced faculties and facilitated by art facilities. The curriculum is designed to provide a balanced mix of theoretical discipline and opportunities for fluid expression of creativity. Ample opportunities for practical exposure and professional interaction are provided through various forums and events.

Duration Of Course

5 Years of 2 Semester each, with total of 10 semesters

Curriculum Ideology

This program is to prepare students for professional practice in the field of Architecture by providing them with necessary professional/industrial exposure. It provides the experience necessary for all-round development to be able to become responsible architects, team leaders, and entrepreneurs of the society. Encouraging individual strengths, intellects, and proficiency in professional skills to enable students to pursue allied careers, within the broad range of architecture.

In order to achieve the above broad objectives, the program focuses on process-driven aims at detailing the methodology than the final product. The curriculum is divided into four types of courses:
1. Professional Core (Studio based)
2. Building Sciences (Theory and Studio mix)
3. Professional Ability enhancement (majorly Theory-based)
4. Electives (Students Choice-based)

The program aims at excellence in Architecture with Design as a major component. The integrated approach will enable students to take supportive inputs from courses in other streams viz., History, Art, Technical skills, and Professional enhancement skills, built upon a strong foundation of enabling skills in communications and data analyzing.

The program aims at achieving excellence in the courses by focusing on an integrated approach where the student receives a holistic understanding of the courses.

The first semester of the first year of the program is where the basics of developing architectural skills play a vital role in subjects like Architectural design, Visual design, art, graphics, building construction, History of Culture and architecture, Environmental studies, etc. This semester focuses on enabling the thought process in designing any product or space, keeping in mind the importance of user needs in designing.

The second-year sets the technical base of the field sensitizing students to perceive architectural studies with much more practical perspectives. Offering more options to electives and aided computer technologies to cope with the demands of the field.

These semesters form the foundation of Advanced Skills and allow for hands-on courses, seminars, workshops that run parallel to the situational studios. Here the student is allowed to grow on his or her own trajectory for future specialisation.

In the fourth year of the program, the students are imparted with a sound knowledge of all aspects of modern building technology to be able to draw up an integrated framework for activities to implement them well. This is manifested in the manner in which courses under Design and Building Sciences are integrated. To achieve this objective, the course is conducted as a combination of lectures and studios that will be conducted as workshops and labs as required.