Principal’s Message

Vishwas GupteAr. Vishwas Gupta
B.Arch, M. Environmental Architecture
Practicing architect and an academician with over 25 years of experience.

Architecture is one of the oldest and challenging profession mankind has known and it still continues to provide challenges to architects, to find solutions to the ever changing society and other concerns. Architecture is a profession for creative minds with scientific intellect, for people with passion to overcome the challenges.

We at DYPU-SOA work to make a better world through education. DYPU-SOA opens the door for passionate learners and provides platform for students to Explore, Experience and Execute. We aim to mentor students to become professionals with open mind and sensitive approach towards the society and environment. Here we learn to tackle global challenges, work on a culture of serving and shaping the society through critical thinking, analytical approach and creative mind set; translating ideas into actions.

The growth of students is nurtured by dedicated faculties, allowing the minds to grow, developing an unseen foundation system strong enough to support its potential for outward growth later in the professional field. The faculties are experienced in professional field, research – both fundamental & applied and committed to teaching. The faculties dedicatedly involve themselves with students learning processes based on thinking and exploratory means, to prepare them for the future global challenges.

We would nurture the students who one day would make the environment a better place to live in. That would be our contribution to the society, the nation and the world. This we aim to achieve through excellence in education.

The state of the art D Y Patil University campus at the prominent location of smart city Navi Mumbai, provides suitable environment to become focused and successful architects of tomorrow. We welcome young minds with passion and creative energy, regardless of where they come from.