Study Tour to ‘Centre of Science of Villages’, Wardha, Maharashtra

26th December 2018 to 28th December 2018

The Study tour for the First year Students was conducted and the students were taken to Centre of Science of Villages (CSV) in Wardha, Maharashtra. Wardha is famous for Gandhi Ashram and Gandhiji’s simplistic lifestyle. The same simplistic approach is seen in the rural technologies developed at CSV, which are ecologically sound, economically and socially viable. CSV has developed a unique method of constructing low cost, low technology Mud Houses, for the rural population in that region. CSV provides training and hands on experience in making those houses, where walls are made from mud bricks and roofs are made of conical ‘Guna’ tiles.


2The study tour was a three day workshop. Students received hands on training in casting the mud bricks, constructing the walls with those bricks, centering required for the roof and constructing the roof.

On day one and two the students worked on building mud houses. Day three was spent in understanding the usage of bamboo as a material for construction. Students were also demonstrated the method in which bamboo is treated before usage. The practical training helped the students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the building materials.



CSV is also known for making handmade paper and bee keeping. Students were given an exposure in the process of making handmade paper and the process of bee keeping.

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