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Faculty Development Programme on ISO - HACCP 26th September 2022 Masterclass By Cocktail & Dreams 23rd August 2022 Orientation on 18th August 2022 Masterclass on Jar Cakes 8th August 2022 Eggfree Baking 3rd August 2022 FDP - Hotel Sea Pricess Mumbai 22nd July 2022 Virtual Indian Masterclass 15th July 2022 Brew with the STARBUCKS Crew 14th July 2022 Explore the world of Vines 11th July 2022 Demonstration on innovative mocktails 7th July 2022 Masterclass on Food Styling 10th May 2022 Masterclass - Coffee Statistics 1st April 2022 Masterclass On World of Canape 8th April 2022 Masterclass On Mediterranean Salad 8th April 2022 Bread Demonstration on 13th April 2022 Conclave on Paradigm Shift in Consumer Behaviour 13th April 2022 FDP - Baker Factory 13th - 17th April 2022