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International Lecture on Sustainability Tourism & Its Importance 25th August 2022 Webinar on Larder Kitchen and Butchery -Cuts of Poultry NAAC Webinar 18th August 2022 Masterclass - Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Resources 17th August 2022 E-content Development 13th August 2022 FDP- "Mentor-Mentee Relationship" 6th August 2022 Get Educated Aboard a Cruise Ship 2nd August 2022 International Webinar 21st July 2022 Masterclass on Modern Gateaux and desserts 6th July 2022 Soft Skill Training Workshop 2nd July 2022 Hiring - An AVP's Perspective 30th June 2022 FDP - Rebel Corp 28th June 2022 Capacity Building 28th June 2022 Value Added Course 23rd - 27th June 2022 Yoga Week 20th - 24th June 2022 Webinar on Digital Marketing 2nd April 2022 Webinar on Enhancing Customer Experience 8th April 2022 Webinar on Awareness on Responsible Tourism 9th April 2022 Webinar - Importance of Accounting 9th April 2022 Webinar on Impact of Plated Food on Menu Sale 14th April 2022 Webinar on It's A Girl Life 22nd April 2022