Inhalation Agents (Sevoflurane) in various Anesthisia case scenarios

Courses on HPS 4.1


A simulation based workshop focused on the use of inhalational agent (sevoflurane) in various case scenarios ranging from vital capacity induction to low flow Anesthesia utilizing High fidelity mannequin (HPS) which responds to inhalational agents, showing various pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics features.

Eligible Participants

Anesthesia residents, senior consultants

Programme Outline

Low flow Anesthesia
Correct method of administering low flow anesthesia
How to achieve optimal end tidal agent concentration and MAC with low flow using GASMAN as tool
What are different low flow methods.
What are various safety prerequisites for starting low flow.
Economy of agent consumption.
Low flow Anesthesia; using air oxygen mixture; using GASMAN as tool
How are various CO2 absorbents used for low flow anesthesia
Hemodynamic Stabilility
Sevoflurane is choice of Induction for proving hemodynamic stability in sick patients.
How to achieve optimal end tidal agent concentration and MAC during process of anesthesia
with sevoflurane.
Difficulty Airway
To use sevoflurane for induction and intubation in securing difficulty airway without using muscle
relaxant in the absence of FOB.

Courses on HPS 4.2


One Day workshop


Participants will be provided with a course completion certificate by D Y Patil University.


Rs .5000 /- per participant

It includes

Certificate of Participation
Breakfast, Lunch & High Tea
Reading Material