Lucina Simulator

Lucina is a unique birthing simulator which can simulate all the stages of labor and delivery. The perineum supports accurate fetal descent and rotation, providing better articulation for labor and delivery maneuvers.  Lucina will amaze you with every detail including a lifelike birthing fetus that is clinically accurate in size.

Lucina will automatically respond to these clinical interventions when correctly performed. (McRoberts maneuver, suprapubic pressure, and the Woods’ Screw and Rubin II maneuvers). And also Prepartum Vaginal examinations, various delivery scenarios ranging from a normal delivery to a broad range of obstetrical emergencies can be performed.



Lucina’s other key features include:

1Neurological –Seizure is simulated with rhythmic movement of arms, Blinking reactive eyes, Speech: live and pre-recorded.


Airway and Breathing– Realistic upper airway, Supports endotracheal tubes, naso-pharyngeal and oropharyngeal airways.



12Circulation – Support for real 4-lead ECG that can be connected to simulator.


Cardiovascular – Advanced CPR analysis that measures hand placement and compression depth, rate, and release, ventilation volume and rate and chest compression fraction.