Simulation means “an imitation of some real thing, state of affairs or a process” For the purpose of solving a problem and making a judgment. In developing world, we find there is a need to establish dedicated simulation centers to support a cluster of medical schools where undergraduates as well as postgraduates can learn diagnostics and invasive therapeutics without compromising the safety of a real patient.The D.Y. Patil University Medical Simulation Lab, is India’s 1st comprehensive medical training facility. It trains an individual for hands-on patient assessment and hones their skills under expert supervision.

A simulation lab with state of the art equipment enables the students & working professionals acquire skills at a convenient pace. Moreover, the self-training module allows a room for creativity and innovation in the field of medicine by providing a consequence-free environment. The system can inject variations compelling the students to review and remodel their treatment plans. With the purpose of providing evidence-based learning, the simulator lab provides a learner centric yet teacher enabled environment. The progress is mapped and the simulation is recorded allowing the student to learn from his mistakes. Debriefing is a vital component of the course where one can observe their recorded performance with their peers and supervisors, promotinga sense of transparency in learning as well as developing divergent thinking skills whilst expanding one’s knowledge base.

Medical simulation training can be tailored to adapt to a wide range of health professionals including the likes of  doctors, nurses, technicians and paramedics, enhancing their technique individually or in team scenarios.

Quantified performance with sophisticated equipment acts as a strategic tutorial enrichingone’s thought process and clinical skills.