Point of Care Ultrasound Simulation (POCUS) Workshop using Augmented Reality (AR) with Microsoft HoloLens


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Ultrasound is one of the few diagnostic modalities that can be performed rapidly at the bedside by a physician and has significant impact on patient outcomes. It is portable, readily accessible, and cost-effective, and has no risk of ionizing radiation. There is an abundance of evidence that supports the use of Point Of Care Ultrasound  (POCUS) by physicians  in different subspecialties.

CAE Vimedix Ultrasound simulator accelerates learning by allowing users to efficiently develop confidence in assessing a broad range of patient cases and pathologies. The manikin-based system allows for the development of the psychomotor skills needed to handle ultrasound probes.The innovative software tools of CAE Vimedix Ultrasound simulator accelerate the development of the cognitive skills needed to interpret ultrasound images, make diagnoses and clinical decisions.

Augmented reality ultrasound simulator with Microsoft Hololens is an innovative training platform that makes it easier and faster to learn clinical pathologies.  Ultrasound simulator allows the trainees to gain hands on experience over the clinical cases they may not normally get to see in their real practice

CAE Vimedix Ultrasound simulator engaged with Microsoft Hololens which freed from its two-dimensional environment inside a monitor, ultrasound simulator leaps to life, displaying anatomy you can enlarge, turn, rotate or command to return into its manikin body so you can view the interrelatedness of all of its structures. Witness in real time how the ultrasound beam cuts through the human anatomy

Microsoft Hololens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you.

To Put in Simple terms, it Projects Images over your vision so they appear as Holograms, providing you with more information about the world around you or changing the way you perceive a space

Program Outline

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  • Introduction to Sonophysics
  • Introduction to ultrasound simulation
  • Usage of Microsoft hololens (augmented reality)
  • Hands on experience on Normal lung & Basic Lung Pathologies like :
    • Pleural effusion
    • Pneumonia
    • Pneumothorax
    • Diaphramatic dysfunction
    • Pulmonary edema
  • Hands on experience on Normal Heart and Basic Cardiac Pathologies like
    • Introduction to echocardiography
    • Dilated cardiomyopathy – mild left ventricular systolic dysfunction
    • Dilated cardimyopathy – very severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction in COPD Patient
    • Tamponade
  • Focussed haemodynamic assessment using ultrasonography for
    • Heart morphology
    • Heart performance
    • Heart filing states
    • Pericardial Effusion
    • IVC variation
    • Valvular lesions
    • Air embolism
  • Extended Focussed Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (e-FAST)
  • Examination of lungs
  • Thoracic sonography
  • Examination of thoracic fluids
  • Abdomen Trauma
  • Examination of Abdomen fluids
  • Hemothorax
  • Intensivists ( ICU Physician)
  • Anaesthesiologists.
  • Residents – Emergency Medicine Dept, Criticare Dept.and Anaesthesia Dept.
  • MBBS
  • BHMS,BAMS, BUMS (ICU Practitioners)


1 Day : 8 am to 6 pm


Participants will be provided with a course completion certificate by D Y Patil University.


Workshop Fees Rs.6200/-

This includes

Hands on workshop to all participants

Certificate of participation

Breakfast, Lunch and High tea

Reading material