Simulation Workshop on Medical Anesthesia – 4th Batch with Abbott.

Abbott in association with D Y Patil University Medical Simulation Laboratory hosted a Workshop on Medical Anesthesia on 10th February 2018 . This is the fourth batch of its kind . Twelve delegates attended this workshop conducted under the expert leadership of Dr Rajendra Patil, HOD Anesthesia, Ruby Hall, Pune & Dr Amit Nagpal, an Intensivist and Anesthesiologist at D Y Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai.


34Dr Nagpal set the ball rolling by initiating a discussion based on a video clip of an emergency in the operation theatre encouraging the attendees to learn from the mistakes of the doctors in the clip. Following this, they were divided into groups of four each with a role to play including that of a surgeon, Anesthetist, assistant Anesthetist and Senior consultant if needed. Each group experienced a simulated emergency on the Human Patient Simulator (HPS) and attempted to avert a crisis to the best of their ability while the other groups observed the live feed in a debriefing room.

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Myriads of topics were covered including patients demonstrating Airway Resistance, patients with Hemodynamic Instability and more. The simulation was brought to life with the flawless performance of Dr Rajendra Patil as the surgeon in coordination with Dr Amit Nagpal in conjunction with the sophisticated equipment and simulation technology made available to the attendees leading them to leave with positive feedbacks and an expanded knowledge base.

Some More Glimpses of the Workshop