Tackling Neonatal Emergencies A hands-on workshop

4D Y Patil University Medical Simulation Lab organized a neonatal emergencies workshop on 9th June, 2018 under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Giuseppe A Marraro (Chief Course Co-ordinator) and Dr. Amit Nagpal (Course Co-ordinator).The workshop commenced with an introduction to simulation and its benefits and applications. The 8 participants were then taken through various aspects of neonatal care like Neonatal Resuscitation, Manual Ventilation, Intubation, Cardiac Massage, Human Factor – NTS – CRM, etc.

1The participants were then divided into groups, each with a different role play. Each group was sent inside the simulated OT environments where they had to deal with difficult neonatal emergency scenarios.The teams dealt with four different scenarios, each of which was played live in the debriefing area where the rest of the participants observed them as they tackled multiple situations. Each group also experienced the simulated emergencies on the Neo Simulator which is designed to provide advanced neonatal simulation training.



After each scenario participants had a detailed and interactive debriefing session with Prof. Dr. Giuseppe A Marraro and Dr. Amit Nagpal. At the conclusion of the workshop, the participants left the lab with D Y Patil University Medical Simulation Lab certificates, a rich medical simulation experience and are now better equipped to tackle neonatal emergencies.