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Our Medical Simulation Laboratory has high fidelity patient mannequins, surgical simulators, diagnostic ultrasound simulation with augmented reality to train medical students and professionals to become proficient in their skills and techniques. It is India’s first Comprehensive Medical Simulation Laboratory to being India’s busiest Medical Simulation Laboratory training around 700 undergraduate & postgraduate students each month.

CAE Luna was officially launched in India for the very first time at D Y Patil University Medical Simulation Laboratory. The launch-cum-workshop of the CAE Luna was successful, with Amanda Willis, a group leader from CAE Healthcare academy, who conducted the workshop with great enthusiasm and vigour. CAE Luna is an innovative infant simulator designed to fulfil clinical training requirements for neonatal and infant care and to simulate critical new-born conditions. The workshop was attended by the senior faculty of D Y Patil School of Nursing and other institutions from Pune and Ahmedabad as well. The extensive workshop proved to be of great help to medical professionals.