Sports Science Workshop-in association with Vald Performance

DY Patil University being a big promoter of sports, especially for a younger demographic, is consistent in launching various seminars, sporting events and workshops related to sports, athletics and sports medicine. One such endeavour was the Open Sports Science Workshop that took place at the Sports Hospital auditorium on 28th March 2019.

A24A3172DY Patil University partnered with Vald Performance, a company that specializes in creating ultra-modern systems for screening, monitoring, rehabilitating and training athletes. Given their state-of-the-art products and their elite clientele, they’re a company driven by innovation and a team of expert international sports scientists, researchers, developers, engineers etc. This sports science workshop was mainly targeted at Sports Medicine students and Physiotherapy students of DY Patil University with an intent to help them understand the subtleties of various parameters influencing the performance of an athlete; injuries, exercising to recuperate from injuries, rehabilitation and various other factors.



These parameters were individually addressed- backed by solid facts and research statistics- by Dr. Matthew Bourne, Lecturer, Sports Scientist & Researcher (Exercise & Sport, School of Allied Health Sciences, Griffith University, Australia) and Dr. Tannath Scott, Sports Scientist, Adjunct Associate Lecturer (The University of Queensland), Former head of sports science at the Brisbane Broncos (NRL).

A24A3104CEO of Vald Performance, Laurie Malone opened the event with an interesting and engaging overview of Vald performance and their futuristic products. His humorous but power-packed delivery was a refreshing start to the workshop and was a much-needed mind-opener for readying the audience for some unconventional ideas and revolutionary inventions.“Doing more isn’t better. Quality of exercise is more important”, said Dr. Bourne in his very illuminating presentation about various injury screening techniques and rehabilitation in elite sport.


The main focus of his subject matter was the return to sport after injury which involved him delving into detail into the causes of injury, the physiological responses after the injury and the exercises to be brought in practice to recuperate and bounce back. He aptly addressed the millio-dollar question in sports science; ‘how to reverse neuromuscular inhibition’ and backed his answers with references to exhaustive literature on the subject and research statistics.



He also touched upon the adaption of modern alternate criteria into rehabilitation programs as opposed to the traditional 3-step methods.

Dr. Bourne supplemented his explanation about hamstring injuries with some hands-on demonstration of the Vald performance  product ‘Nordboard, which is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance. Students enthusiastically volunteered to test the system, curiosity evident on their faces. The audience was immensely fascinated with this avant-garde piece of technology.

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