D.Y. Patil Sports Academy




The Foundation for Olympia was an initiative taken by Dr Vijay D Patil. Dr Vijay D Patil had been to the Beijing Olympics in the year 2008. He saw the whole nation working as a whole to conduct an event. The hospitality and the feeling of everyone working as a whole is what led to be the foundation of OLYMPIA . When Dr Vijay D Patil returned from Beijing , he had a vision to get all the students of the D Y Patil University together in a sports festival which will be organized by them and in which all the students will come as ONE and enjoy the event as well as participate in it.
Dr Vijay D Patil shared the idea with Dr Rohan Palshetkar. This led to the building blocks of OLYMPIA. This festival has been of a prime importance in the University. Dr Vijay D Patil, a sportsman himself , provides his students with the one of the best sport facilities in the world. Olympia has grown bigger and better every year with over 5000 students of D.Y. Patil university participating each year. It is completely organised by the students This year is the 9th edition of Olympia and is expected to surpass expectations.



The OLYMPIA 2016 committee has come up with an idea of TREASURE HUNT that will take place on the 25th January 2016 which will commence at the D Y Patil Stadium on The Podium. As of now 17 teams have registered which have registered. There will be a total of 200 people running all around the D Y Patil Vidyanagar. The DYPU – School Of Biotechnology has got the highest number of team entries which is 8 !! A Cash prize of Rs 5,000/- plus gift vouchers over Rs 20,000/- shall be given to the winning team. Its going to be a promotional event which shall light up the whole campus and make awareness of the Olympia Opening Ceremony And Auction.
The Olympia Opening And Auction Ceremony Shall Begin as all the treasure hunt participants reach at the HMCT auditorium around 11am. There will be dance performances by various colleges , A Fashion Show that will reveal the college jerseys and sports that will take place in Olympia. This Shall be followed by the Auction Ceremony !!
To witness this annual sports festival kick off in style , we would like to see you all the HMCT Auditorium at 11am on Monday,25th January 2016!!

Olympia 2016 Committee:-

Admin :- Sohin Chaudhari , Hrushikesh Dixit and Aditya Deshpande
Venue Head :- Akshay Nijampurkar
Scheduling Head :- Sahil Sharko
Infrastructure Head :- Pranav Karkhanis
Equipment Head :- Girish Mhatre And Lokesh Upadhyay
OCR Head :- Yatin Patil
Prize Distribution Head :- Hiba Ansari
Treasure Hunt :- Lalit Babar , Mihir Apte and Dipasna Tawhare
Opening Ceremony Head :- Kuntal Akhade
Closing Ceremony :- Ronak Tanna
Jersey And Clothing :- Karthik Kutty
Online Promotion :- Kuntal Akhade
Promotion Incharge – Tanay Shetty
Cricket Head :- Mahesh Sankpal and Ashay Madne
Football Head :- Aman Gupta and Raghav Dutta
Basketball Head :- Pathik Aravind and Vidhi Dave
Volley Ball Head :- Rohit Pawar and Abhishek Rane
Chess Head :- Sanketa Raut And Sanjay Bhat
Table Tennis :- Virajeet Jahagirdar and Veeksha Shetty
Carrom Head :-  Vibhendra Singh And Kushal Mehta
Squash :- Siddhant Punjabi And Varun Chandiramani
Badminton :- Nikhilesh Thale And Tanuj Patidar
Rink Football :- Vijeta Saxena And Krishna Bhadiadra
Tennis :- Ravi Pandey
Swimming :- Shinjini Sahay And Aditya Parampill
Throw Ball :- Khushbu Ruparel And Sabina Dudekula
Kabaddi :- Pranil Gadhave and Maaz Khan
Tug Of War :-  Mrunmay Chaudhari And Akshay Patil
Box Cricket :- Shrutilaya Ayyagari And Tanmaee Dhopaokar