Street Play & Exhibition for Awareness

Under community health nursing , fourth year students of School of Nursing performed a Street play on prevention of accidents in children as well as an exhibition on Hypertension; treatment & prevention in the Shirvane area, Nerul.





The street play performed by the students encompassed various areas like Common home accidents – their nature & types , preventing accidents in children , Safety and child development, etc. The play concluded with the end theme  – A safe , secure and sustainable environment is a prerequisite for any healthy nation.


The exhibition on Hypertension- treatment & prevention was divided in four stations depicting various themes on the topic:

 1st station- detailed yet simple explanation on hypertension and its causes

2nd station- information on early signs and symptoms as well TOD

3rd station- demonstration of regular monitoring of BP

4th station- diagnostic evaluation of hypertension and its treatment along with ways to maintain compliance with treatment

5th station- ergonomic advice on dietary managementthrough food items prepared by the students in the presence of the crowd.



This event by the School of Nursing succeeded in achieving it’s aim to benefit the community through simplified and detailed teachings as well as an engaging and educational play.

IMG-20180330-WA0049 IMG-20180330-WA0056