TEDx D Y Patil University

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. DY Patil University organised its very first TEDx, with the intention of bringing together doers, thinkers, innovators, visionaries, teachers and learners together in a platform that will enlighten and inspire individuals of our diverse community; a vision in line with our theme of ‘No Boundaries’.

The event sported a combination of two TED Talks videos and eight live speakers sparking a deep discussion and connection with the audience.


Altaf Qadri touched hearts of every member of the audience by bringing to life moments of war & pain through skilfully captured photographs.

He took the audience through a journey of some of his most life changing moments.



He was followed by Balasubramanium Giri, the founder & chief executive officer of Greycaps, known for its contribution in India’s largest on-stage quizzing & knowledge service providing. His message, ‘substance matters not how you present it’ enlightened young and experienced minds alike, as his talk was a combination of both, great substance and a power packed delivery.


Richa-singhEmpowering use of social media crossing all boundaries, was the general theme of the next speaker, Richa Singh. She is the co-founder of Blogchatter and hustles each day building a better online community and creating space for real impacts and success stories purely driven by Online efforts.She proved the power of social media as a catalyst for change through tales of her own life and of others,leaving the audience with a request, ‘seek success that does not impress but impacts’.


Sharad-DandgeMr. Sharad Dandge demonstrated the age-old phrase of ‘unity in diversity’ through his elaborate arrangement of Indian percussion instruments. he beautifully converted the essence of a variety of cultures of India into music that he seamlessly played on his tabla & dhol. The audience was quick to respond to his mesmerizing tunes as they spotted familiar cultural undertones.


WhatsApp Image 2018-01-31 at 10.55.36 AMThe phrase ‘Force for good’ came up in several discussions throughout the event but it was truly demonstrated by the students from kurumbapatti, 13-year-old change makers who formed a five-member committee to identify the cause of frequently sick classmates which they narrowed down to improper sanitation in their school toilet. Their boundless imagination and innovation lead them to using 20-litre water bottles as urinals, effectively solving a nation-wide problem with a simplicity and creativity unique to children.


Diwakar-vaishDiwakar Vaish is an Indian born robotics researcher and Head of Robotics & Research at A-SET Training & Research Institute. He amazed the audience with his innovative prowess but what stood out was his creation of the smallest, cost effective ventilator which priced at almost 1% of the traditional ventilators. His innovation, philanthropic attitude and vision for worldwide change inspired every member of the audience.


Nandita-PalshetkarDr. Nandita Palshetkar, one of the pioneers in the IVF clinics of India, urged the audience to approach the radical as she spoke about freezing of the female eggs for social purposes. She empowered the women by giving them a choice to live life at their own pace and follow their heart as opposed to following their ‘biological clock’.


Suraj-JaganSuraj Jagan, is best known as one of the pioneers of the Indian Rock scene. A versatile singer, with songs ranging from the award winning ‘Give me some sunshine’ (3 Idiots), ‘Sadka Kiya’(I hate Luv Storys)to rock songs, ‘Zehreelay’ (Rock On), Jaa Chudail (Delhi Belly). His simplicity and vulnerable honesty made his talk the most relate able. He emphasized the significance of loving oneself in the path of doing what one loves He ended his talk by jamming with the audience on one of their favorite tunes leaving everybody with a smile on their face.


D.Y.Patil University was honoured to host TEDx and spread these ideas capable of changing attitudes, lives and ultimately lay foundation for global change.