Managing Trustee

2Ms. Shivani Vijay Patil

Managing Trustee (First Lady & Patron)

DY Patil Deemed to be University, Navi Mumbai.

“Learning is not the filling of a pail, but the kindling of the flame.”

Mrs. Shivani Patil has been a guiding force that spearheads growth at the DY Patil Group. Her unmatched passion towards the institution’s initiatives and larger goals has helped the DY Patil Group scale new heights. She has constantly and increasingly strived for the all-round development of our institution’s students, staff and the society at large. She has always emphasized that deep attention always be paid to the learning environment that is provided to our students, the opportunities for growth we are able to create for our teaching and non-teaching staff and how we can help facilitate social mobility within our community.

Mrs. Patil has been the driving force behind the flourishing culture at the DY Patil Group. She has ensured that each member of the team at the DY Patil Group is aligned with and equipped to contribute to the larger vision making their experience with the group a fulfilling and thriving professional journey. She has made sure that quality education is carefully nurtured in the environment of our University. Due to her proactive interest in extracurricular activities, the University has provided a multi-faceted exposure to students in various realms of life and helped in transforming their personalities. As the managing trustee, she leads key parts of the group’s strategic trajectory making the vision focused on delivering a top-notch educational experience, a reality and helping build the DY Patil Group into an inspirational institution to be associated with.

Mrs. Shivani Patil truly believes that the future of our country and our world lies in the hands of the youth and they must, therefore, be supported in every manner possible to build a future they truly seek. It is her mission to foster students who are committed to making an impact in the ecosystem, and also, empower teachers who can facilitate learning of the highest order and to create a stimulating environment that can help answer this clarion call of the world.