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TRYST 2021

25th Feb 2021

The new student council “AXIOM” conducted their first event on the 12th of February, 2021 called “TRYST”.
The event was conducted on the fourth floor outside the auditorium, with various games and food stalls to add to the theme of the event – Valentine Carnival.
Various red and white paper hearts hung from the ceiling and balloons added to the beauty. Lip-smacking snacks, desserts, and milkshake counters were set up. There were beautiful stalls put up by the Professors with great enthusiasm. There were games organized for the students as well as the staff like 7 up- 7 down, Pictionary, clap up and arrow the heart.

With some foot-tapping music and games that made people’s laugh resonate the place, Tryst was a success in itself. The cultural and the fine arts teams along with their heads, worked tirelessly to make the event as enjoyable as it was.
Hearty gratitude to all the students and professors that participated in Tryst and helped the event live up to its the expectation and bring a smile on everyone’s faces.