World Environment Day #BeatAirPollution

13As an Educational Institute where we propagate responsible environmental behavior and encourage sustainability, it is our duty to encourage movements and campaigns aimed at tackling grueling issues like climate change. The biggest question is ‘Where to start?’



It is an extremely daunting task to clean up the mess that has been caused by years of neglect and disregard for the environment on the part of our world citizens. The United Nations Environment Program is one of the biggest endeavours to initiate an international awareness, a movement that’ll bring together millions of people to fight against the biggest issue plaguing the world- environment deterioration and climate change.


56Students and faculty came together at the University Ground as a combined force to support UN in their battle against Air Pollution. Taking on the mantle of battling Air Pollution in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, our students and faculty planted several saplings in the campus on occasion of The World Environment Day. Our green campus is a result of the efforts of several such people who have helped plant such saplings that have grown into beautiful trees that are braving air pollution.Balloons with seeds and special messages inside them were released into the air so that the seeds inside would either blossom into plants by lodging themselves in the soil, or be found by fellow citizens to be manually planted. Either way, this World Environment Day would see the birth of many new trees that’ll provide fresh air and renewed hope for the environment.

Although seemingly small, this was a huge step towards a better environment, because we often forget that a forest is made out of individual trees that once were mere seeds and saplings planted into the soil, with a hopeful heart.