Trustee’s Message

9I6A5587 (1)Ms.Shivani Vijay Patil
Trustee,Dnyan Pushpa VidyaNiketan School & Junior College


Dnyan Pushpa Vidya Niketan and Junior college stands tall today with 26 years long history. It is a matter of pride to be part of this institution. In these 26 years Dnyan Pushpa Vidya Niketan and Junior college have taken a long strides at a very fast pace and has marked a major landmark in the field of education. All sections of the school, right from the Nursery to Primary, from the secondary to the Junior college have achieved excellence through collective and relentless efforts.

I am proud of the institution’s continuous goal of providing an excellent education for the students. The introduction of CBSE Board will elevate the standard of educational dimensions. DPVN CBSE Board is an addition of a golden page to the success story of the D Y Patil Group. The school which will work hand in hand to create an environment that will nurture and promote the inherent talents and strengths of each and every student and would prepare the young minds to take up the challenges for creating a better future for our nation.

I wish to convey my best wishes to all members of the institution. We commit ourselves to further the goals of the institution and realise fully the dreams of our founder Dr. D Y Patil.