nCSI-RAIT is the RAIT student chapter of the Computer Society of India and is at present the biggest technical committee of RAIT with more than 400 active members. Fostering technology, inculcating ideas and inspiring innovation are the main objectives of CSI-RAIT. CSI-RAIT has dedicated members belonging to six major domains, namely Technical, Publicity, Sponsorship, Editorial, Research and Creative, each helping the students develop different skill sets.

‘TechMate’ is the annual technical festival organized by CSI-RAIT. The festival, renowned for its coding and fun events, attracts a crowd of over 1000 students from across the city. CSI-RAIT’s annual hackathon, ‘Bitcamp’ is a witness to over 200 talented students and coding enthusiasts. Bitcamp provides a platform for students to showcase their technical abilities at a national level. ‘Code Stack’, a coding incubator initiated by CSI-RAIT, connects and nurtures programming enthusiasts within the institute, encouraging them to participate in technical activities across the country.

The Research Wing of CSI-RAIT is involved in numerous ventures and shows active participation in research conferences. ‘Cozine’ and ‘Technophilia’, the official publications of CSI-RAIT provide the students with an insight into the technological world and keeps them updated with collegiate events and activities. CSI-RAIT is committed to providing the best workshops, seminars and hands-on sessions on cutting edge tools and technologies for the benefit of students.