Photo Circle RAIT

Photo Circle RAIT (PCR) is a platform for all the photographers at RAIT to showcase their talents and skill. We are a shared and growing community in the college. In the last 6 years, we have gathered more and more enthusiastic photographers.

Our aim is to capture every moment small or big that takes place at RAIT or at DY Patil Campus. We, as a committee, try to help every other committee in the college by taking photos of the events and displaying to the entire college.

We have also started an initiative on social media wherein you can share the photo you have taken with everyone else by using #photocirclerait by your photo and the response has been amazing.

We, PCR-RAIT, support and encourage the interested would be photographers of RAIT by arming them with RAIT’s photography equipments to make the art of photography accessible to a wider student community. We nurture the desire of art of photography not only as a skill but as a professional skill to help a student be able to stand on its own and grow from a student photographer to a skilled professional.