raalogoThe bridge with the name *RAIT* *Alumni* *Association* ( *RAA* ) connects students and the alumni with the aim to maintain a strong bond between the past and the present. The events organized by the committee are the on-campus yearly alumni meet-up, International chapters, and departmental alumni meet to create a culture wherein respective alumni come to the college shares his/her views about various developments taking place in the corporate sector, and interact with the students. Panel discussions of alumni took place recently in September which included the involvement of three legends slaying in their respective field and the departmental meets where alumni of respective departments are called for a meet. The interactions with experienced graduates, prospective employers, entrepreneurs bring a different kind of exposures to students, especially in the trending fields. The Vast alumni network helps students in their Placement, Mentorship, scholarships, etc. The alumni Meet at the year-end ensures the best get together of college pass outs strengthening their bond amongst themselves and college.